How Do You Resurface Cabinets?


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To resurface cabinets, start by measuring them and drawing a sketch. After that, disconnect all the hardware, doors and door fronts, sand the cabinet until the surfaces become smooth, and remove the dust. Glue end panels to all corners, and attach finishing nails to the panels. Attach veneer to the stiles and rails, and install new hardware on the cabinet. Install new doors and drawer fronts. A cheaper way to resurface cabinets is to repaint them.

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Before starting to resurface your cabinets, choose the materials. Large home-improvement stores sell them. However, you may have to pre-order them because there are many options, and the store may not keep them all in stock. You may also order the materials on the Internet.

As for materials, options to choose from include plywood and self-adhesive covering. Plywood is usually precut, and users have to glue it on the surface. Self-adhesive covering looks like a thin sheet of wood or wood-like laminate. Users need to peel the protecting covering off it and attach it to the surface. Another type of self-adhesive covering needs to be ironed onto the surface.

When buying new hardware, make sure that it is the same size as the old one. If it is different, buy wood putties to fill in the old holes. After that, drill new holes to fit the new hardware.

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