How Do You Restore Vintage Wrought Iron Chairs?


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To restore old wrought iron furniture, clean the surface, remove any damaged paint and rust, prep the surface, and then paint the furniture. Detergent for cleaning, sandpaper, steel wool, a wire brush and rust remover are necessary for the restoration. You also need paint primer and exterior paint.

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Begin the restoration process by cleaning the wrought iron furniture with mild detergent. Use a steel wool pad or wire brush to remove surface rust. Remove any damaged paint and rust with sandpaper; 100-grit or less sandpaper is ideal for removing heavy rust, while fine-grit paper is good for removing surface rust. A sandblaster also comes in handy for removing rust and paint.

Finish prepping the surface by removing any dust or debris left over from sanding and rinsing and drying the furniture. Choose a rust-resistant primer rated for outdoor use and for use on metal surfaces. You can opt for spray primer or apply primer with a paint brush. Either way, make sure to give the furniture an even coat of primer, and then allow the primer to dry thoroughly before proceeding.

Once the primer dries, apply acrylic latex or oil-based paint rated for outdoor and metal use. Apply two coats of paint, allowing the first coat to dry before applying the second coat.

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