How Do You Restore Thirsty Wood?


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Thirsty wood is dull, rough and unappealing. Fortunately, it is easy to restore its former glory with wood cleaner, sandpaper, clean rags, wood oil and wax.

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  1. Buff rough areas with sandpaper

    Examine the wood for scratches, gouges and rough areas. Gently buff them with fine sandpaper, always moving with the grain of the wood.

  2. Clean the surface

    Spray the surface with wood cleaner, and rub it with a soft, clean rag. Apply more cleanser if necessary. Keep cleaning until the wood is free of grime and dust.

  3. Apply wood oil

    Soak a clean rag in wood oil, and rub it all over the wood. Let the oil sit on the wood for 10 minutes, then remove the surplus with a dry rag. If the wood is extremely thirsty and absorbs most of the oil, apply another coat. Repeat this process until the wood no longer absorbs much oil.

  4. Seal the wood with wax

    Apply a liberal dose of wood wax with a clean, soft cloth. Spread it evenly over the wood, and let it sit for 20 minutes. Wipe the surface to remove unabsorbed wax. Keep the wood uncovered so the wax hardens overnight. The wood is safe to use once the wax dries.

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