How Do You Restore Shine to Marble Surfaces?

How Do You Restore Shine to Marble Surfaces?

Restore the shine to a marble surface by preparing the surface, sanding the marble with a power sander, then buffing the surface with a marble polishing compound. The type of marble and the extent of the damage determines the level of refinish needed to restore a marble surface's shine.

Power tools, rather than manual tools, are a necessity in a marble refinishing project as hand sanding introduces scratches into the surface. Power sanders, buffers or a power drill with a sanding attachment are key implements in refinishing marble.

Use the wet sand method if concerned about introducing particulate into the air. Wet sanding reduces this factor but can fool the user into thinking they have sanded to a high gloss when they see the reflection of the water on the marble's surface.

Wear proper air filtering if using the dry sanding method. recommends using a series of silicone-carbide sandpapers with increasing levels of fineness. Use the coarser sandpapers first to remove deeper cuts and scratches. The marble reaches its highest degree of shine when using a 1,000-grit sandpaper.

Marble surfaces come in two types: solid marble or cultured marble. Manufactures create cultured marble from resin and crushed limestone, whereas solid marble is what the name implies. Cultured marble is coated with a gel-like coating that helps it resist damage, which makes it easier to maintain. Solid marble is often very porous and accepts damage and stains easily.