How Do You Restore the Shine on a Laminate Floor?

To restore the shine on a laminate floor, sweep the floor to remove dust and debris, and use a microfiber mop dampened with a solution of 1 cup of white vinegar per 1 gallon of water to clean the floor. Dry the floor with a lint-free cloth, and apply a commercial laminate polish to the floor according to the instructions on the product packaging. Apply a second coat of the polish, and allow the floor to dry for 24 hours.

Alternately, clean the floor with a solution of 1/3 cup of ammonia diluted in 1 gallon of warm water. When mopping laminate floors, wring the mop out until it is just damp, and dry the floor immediately with a dry microfiber mop or microfiber cloth to prevent warping. After mopping with the ammonia solution, apply laminate polish.

If the floor has a sticky film, add a drop of liquid dish washing detergent to a damp sponge, and scrub the floor with the sponge. Mop the floor with the diluted vinegar mixture to remove the detergent, and dry the floor immediately. Do not use any cleaner or floor polish that isn't specifically designed for laminate flooring, as the product can warp or damage the laminate.