How Do You Restore Your Home's Decking?


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To restore a deck, sand away the gloss on the deck and rough up the surface, clean the deck, rinse it off with a pressure washer, allow the deck to dry, repair any broken or uneven planks, replace missing or loose nails, and stain the deck. Apply two layers of stain, and allow the deck to dry before walking on it.

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Prepare the surface of the deck by resetting any protruding nails and breaking off large splinters. Use 80-grit sandpaper to remove the previous gloss from the deck and to rough up the surface area. Apply a deck cleaning product according to the manufacturer’s instructions, allowing it to soak for the specified time before using a stiff scrub brush with an extension handle to scrub the deck. Use a power washer to wash the deck, and allow a week for the deck to thoroughly dry.

Use a restoration product or latex caulk to fill cracks, splinters and knot holes, and allow it to set until it stiffens. Use a roller to roll on the deck coating, working with several boards at a time. Allow three to six hours for drying in between the first coat and the second coat. Apply the second coat, and allow it to dry for two days prior to walking on the deck.

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