How Do You Restore Deck Paint Colors?

How Do You Restore Deck Paint Colors?

To restore deck paint colors, brush the surface with a deck restoration product. These products are usually made of acrylic and help fill cracks and splinters to renew the finish.

To restore a painted deck, run through the following steps.

  1. Choose an acrylic restoration product
  2. Several manufacturers make restoration products designed for wood decks. Choose a thick product that can coat the deck and fill any holes and cracks. Suitable products include Restore 10X, Deckover by Behr and Rescue IT by Olympic.

  3. Choose a tint
  4. To restore painted or stained decks, it is important to tint the product. This allows it to blend in with the existing finish.

  5. Protect the working area from splatters
  6. To keep the product from splattering on walls and rails, cover them with plastic painting sheets and masking tape.

  7. Prepare the deck
  8. Break any obvious splinters off of the wood. Sand any areas of the deck that have been shielded from the sun to remove some of the finish and to create even coverage. Hammer down any nails that are sticking out. Wash the deck to clean off any dirt and debris.

  9. Apply the restoration product
  10. Before adding an entire coating of the product, use small amounts of the solution to spot treat cracks and holes. To add a coat of restoration product, pour some of the product into a painting tray and use a paint roller to apply it to the wood. Work over the surface of the deck in sections. When the deck is finished, fill in any remaining holes with a brush. Use a paintbrush to smooth out the finish and let it dry, and then apply a second coat of the product to create a smooth, even finish.