How Do You Restore Cypress Wood?


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Cypress restoration makes old, weathered wood look beautiful and new. The required supplies for this project are rubber gloves, drop cloths, water, wood cleaner, a bucket, a scrub brush, sandpaper, urethane varnish, a paint brush and cleaning rags. The amount of time it takes to restore cypress depends on the amount of wood and its present condition.

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  1. Wash and dry the wood

    Wash the cypress with a wood cleaner or a bucket of warm water. Attack tough stains with a scrub brush. Do not proceed to the next step until the wood is dry.

  2. Sand the surface

    Rub the wood with sandpaper, then test its texture with your hand. Ensure that all exposed wood surfaces are uniformly rough.

  3. Dust the cypress

    Scan the cypress for hidden dirt, insects and other debris. Dust the wood with rags to remove all foreign material.

  4. Apply urethane varnish

    Paint the wood with a thin coat of urethane varnish. Once the varnish is dry, gently scuff it with sandpaper and apply a second thin coat. Apply up to eight coats of varnish. Do not sand the final layer.

  5. Monitor the wood

    The benefits of cypress restoration last up to three years. When the wood loses its shine and develops a chalky appearance, restore it again.

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