How Do You Restore Chrome Using Home Ingredients?


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One way to clean up and polish chrome with home ingredients is to use aluminum foil and water. The aluminum foil dissolves the rust and other marks from the chrome, and since aluminum is softer than chrome, it does not scratch.

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To begin, cut aluminum foil into 3-inch squares, and wash the surface of the chrome to remove any dirt. Dip one square into some water, and then cup the square over the surface of the chrome. Begin rubbing a small 6- to 8-inch area; it is not necessary to rub hard. As the rubbing continues, the surface becomes smoother until the foil simply glides. A brown paste also begins to form, which is a result of the chemical reaction.

When the surface is smooth, take a soft cloth and wipe the chrome until it is totally clean. It is important to also protect the surface after polishing by using commercial chrome polish or car wax. Use a paper towel to wipe the surface of the chrome before applying the wax or polish, as a cloth may contain oil that keeps the polish or wax from sticking to the chrome. This method removes the rust chemically, so even pitted surfaces look better after rubbing them with aluminum foil.

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