How Do I Restore a Cedar Closet?


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Cedar is valued for its ability to repel moths and other insects that damage clothing. Over time, the wood lining a cedar closet loses its smell. Restore cedar wood by hand sanding.

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  1. Empty the closet

    This project is easier if everything is out of the way. An empty closet gives you access to the backs of shelves and the panels behind hanging clothes.

  2. Vacuum the closet

    Attach a cleaning tool with a brush head to the vacuum and remove all the dust that has accumulated on the walls and shelves of the closet.

  3. Sand by hand

    Use fine grit sandpaper to lightly sand all surfaces in the closet lightly. Cedar is a soft wood, and most power sanders are too aggressive to for it. Wear gloves, long sleeves and a paper facemask while sanding. If you are allergic to cedar, consider asking someone else to do the sanding for you.

  4. Vacuum the dust

    Use the vacuum to pick up any dust created by sanding.

  5. Apply cedar oil

    If sanding lightly doesn't restore the cedar, consider rubbing the wood with cedar oil. The oil helps to restore the smell and nourishes the wood that has dried over the years. Once the oil is absorbed, return the contents to the closet.

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