How Do You Restore Antique Wood Furniture?

How Do You Restore Antique Wood Furniture?

To restore antique wood furniture, rub out stains, disguise scratches and chips and wax the surface to restore the sheen. Do not attempt to strip and refinish antique wood pieces.

Unlike other wood furniture, preserving the original finish is very important for maintaining antique wood furniture. To restore damaged antique wood furniture, run through the following steps.

  1. Rub out stains
  2. If the piece has any surface stains such as water marks, moisten a soft cloth with some denatured alcohol and work it into the stain. Alternately, work some paste wax into the surface with 0000 steel wool.

  3. Fill in scratches and chips
  4. To remove fine scratches and tips, cover them with a product such as Restor-A-Finish or color them in with a felt-tip touch-up marker. For larger nicks and dings, carefully sand the area with fine-grit sandpaper, fill in the area with a colored wax stick and seal in the wax with paste wax.

  5. Wax the piece
  6. If the original finish is dull, apply a coat of wax to the piece. To wax antique wood, add a thin coat of wax to the piece and work it into the finish with 0000 steel wool or a soft cotton pad. Let the wax set into the piece for one hour and then buff it with a soft cloth.