How Do You Restore an Antique Kitchen Wood Stove?


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To restore an antique kitchen wood stove, assess the functionality of the stove and replace a damaged damper, disassemble and clean the stove, and then polish it. Reassembling the stove completes the process. You need a steel wool, glass cleaner, Brasso, basin tube and tile cleaner, a wire brush, eye goggles, gloves and stove polish to complete this task.

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To assess the functionality of the stove, check the stove for any damages to determine if it is repairable, and replace the damper with a new one as needed based on the extent of the damage. To clean the stove, start by removing all the removable parts from the stove, including the glass window, rivets and trimmings. Clean the trimmings with the Brasso, and clean the crevices and nooks with the steel wool. Use the glass cleaner to clean the glass window. Protect your eyes with the goggles, and rub any rust off the stove's cast iron with the wire brush before wiping the iron with a damp rag.

Next, use the basin tub and tile cleaner and a sponge to clean the porcelain exterior, and allow the surface to dry completely. Put on the work gloves, and polish the stove's cast iron parts to restore shine and prevent the parts from future rusting. Let the polish dry for one day, and replace all the removed parts.

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