How Do You Restore an Antique Floor Lamp?


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Inspect and replace worn or frayed wires in the electrical system of a floor lamp to ensure it continues to operate safely. The process requires disassembling the lamp into sections, threading new wire and adding plugs and sockets as necessary. Always unplug the lamp before proceeding.

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How Do You Restore an Antique Floor Lamp?
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Purchase replacement electrical cord that matches the original on the lamp as closely as possible. Most floor lamps use flat electrical cords, which work with clamp-style replacement plugs. Older lamps sometimes use round cords and require a two-prong round-cord plug.

Look for a flat nut under the base of the lamp. Loosen this nut to remove the base, and pull the pipe that contains the cord from the top of the lamp. Unscrew the socket from the pipe, open it, and disconnect the wire. Manufacturers often tie an Underwriter's knot at the top of the pipe to prevent accidentally pulling the cord loose from the socket. Untie the knot to pull the wire back through the base.

Pull a new wire through the opening on the base and pipe to the socket. Make sure there is enough cord left to install a plug and reach the outlet. If the old socket is in poor shape, replace it with a similar one. Tie an Underwriter's knot in the cord, and attach it to the socket. Replace the flat nut to hold the lamp together, and attach a new plug to the lamp to complete the restoration.

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