What Are Some Restful Colors for a Bedroom?


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Blue and green are traditionally considered the most restful colors and are common choices for bedrooms. Shades of grey can also be restful and are ideal for matching carpet and furniture colors.

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What Are Some Restful Colors for a Bedroom?
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Colors in the blue and green range of the light spectrum are considered the most restful, and scientific studies have given credence to this fact. A recent Travelodge study found that bedrooms painted blue, yellow and green helped respondents sleep longer than other colors, as of 2015.

HouseBeautiful.com recommends a range of subtle blues and greens for bedrooms. Mixing these colors with grey or white creates a gentle atmosphere while also making it easy to match furniture and trimmings. Avoiding vibrant colors enhances the feeling of relaxation while allowing furnishings and accents to stand out. HouseBeautiful also recommends pairing more vibrant accents with understated base colors to add contrast to the room while maintaining an atmosphere of calm.

Colors to avoid in the bedroom include red, purple, brown and gold. Energetic and provocative colors such as red and gold can make it hard to fall asleep, while more somber colors such as brown can increase feelings of depression and make it hard to relax and slip into a deep slumber.

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