How Do Restaurants Buy Cleaning Supplies?


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Restaurants buy cleaning supplies through a supplier that specializes in cleaning products designed for the cleaning needs of restaurants. Items such as sanitizer, degreasing detergent, all purpose cleaners, buckets, mops, and toilet paper are bought from one supplier who delivers them in bulk. Liquid cleaning supplies normally come in concentrate form and are mixed on site.

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Suppliers also can provide environmentally friendly cleaning supplies and often specialize in different areas and services. General janitorial suppliers have traditionally been used by restaurants as they need strong detergents to cut through grease and clear drains. Eco-friendly suppliers are becoming more of a norm in recent years as they make products that have been proven to do the job.

These suppliers often offer a full range of services and training in the use of their products. These include the sale and service of dish machines, laundry services and online and on site tutorials about how and where there products should be used.

A supplier's goal is to improve the cleanliness of a restaurant, and often the supplier performs an inspection before recommending different solutions and products that should be used. In most areas, they service a wide range of customers and can schedule deliveries based on a restaurant's needs.

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