How Do You Restain a Deck?

To restain a deck, inspect the deck and repair it if necessary, clean the deck, then use a sprayer to apply the stain. This method takes approximately one weekend. You need a sprayer with a 2-inch brush and at least 5 gallons of stain to cover 500 square feet.

  1. Inspect the deck, and make repairs

    Look for structural damage such as loose bolts and bent boards, rot and mold. Check for cosmetic damage, such as splinters. Determine what parts of the deck are still usable, then repair them before applying a new stain.

  2. Clean the deck

    Wear gloves and goggles. Add a deck washing fluid to the water. Using a power washer, spray the boards to remove debris and mildew. Use a stiff bristle brush to scrub tougher stains. Rinse the deck, and allow the wood to dry completely.

  3. Apply the stain

    Wear goggles, gloves and old clothes when you are ready to stain the deck. Put pieces of cardboard along the side of the house to prevent overspray. Using a sprayer with a 2-inch brush, start in an inside corner, and work your way to the opposite corner. Spray the stain parallel to the placement of the boards. Use a wide paintbrush to apply the stain in gaps and crevices. Spray a clear water repellent between each coat, if desired. Allow the stain to dry completely.