What Are Some Resources That Offer Wiring Diagrams That Show How to Connect Subwoofers to Amplifiers?


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Wiring diagrams that show how to connect subwoofers to amplifiers are available at Kicker.com, SonicElectronix.com and Crutchfield.com. The diagrams at Kicker.com show connections for single and dual subwoofers, while those available at SonicElectronix.com include wiring arrangements for up to four subwoofers with various kinds of amplifiers. Crutchfield.com offers a similar range of diagrams to SonicElectronix.com and also includes advice on coils, impedance and bridged amplifiers.

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The diagrams at Kicker.com show wiring schemes for a single-channel amplifier. A single subwoofer is wired directly to the amplifier, while two subwoofers are wired either in a series or parallel formation. Kicker.com recommends checking the amplifier's manual to find the minimum impedance the amplifier can accommodate before connecting the subwoofers. Wiring two 4-Ohm subwoofers parallel to each other results in a 2-Ohm load on the amplifier, while wiring them in a series results in an 8-Ohm load.

To view the diagrams at SonicElectronix.com, select the list that contains the appropriate number of subwoofers. The diagrams are ordered according to the subwoofers' resistance, final resistance and number of amplifier channels. Click on See Diagram to view the wiring diagram.

Crutchfield.com includes general wiring advice along with its diagrams. The site notes that using an amplifier to drive a load that is too low can make the equipment overheat, causing damage. Crutchfield.com recommends using 12- to 14-gauge wire to connect the subwoofers.

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