How Do You Reset a Lennox Heat Pump?

How Do You Reset a Lennox Heat Pump?

To reset a Lennox heat pump, turn off power to the heat pump at the main electrical panel, open the handler cabinet and reset the circuit breakers or fuses inside the cabinet. Ensure the power is completely off before accessing the handler cabinet, and reference the owner's manual or contact a certified technician for model-specific instructions.

Lennox heat pumps feature several elements that can affect performance, including the filters, access to power, heating elements, belts and other components.

  1. Clean filters
  2. Clean the interior filters, as well as the exterior elements.

  3. Check the thermostat
  4. Ensure the thermostat inside the home is set to "on" and that the temperature is higher than the current temperature.

  5. Check the power
  6. Ensure the unit is receiving power by checking the main electrical panel as well as the power switch located near the unit.

  7. Check the electrical elements
  8. Turn off power to the unit and access the circuit breakers or fuses inside the handler cabinet. Reset the necessary fuses or circuits.

  9. Contact a professional
  10. If common troubleshooting techniques do not solve the issue, contact a licensed professional.