How Do You Resell Parts When You Salvage a Refrigerator?


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Large components of the refrigerator, such as the compressor and various fans, are generally simple to salvage using a screwdriver or other household tools. However, it's important to safely remove freon, since it is a pollutant, and various laws require that it be disposed in an appropriate manner.

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How Do You Resell Parts When You Salvage a Refrigerator?
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Freon is valuable for its refrigerant properties, but is considered a risk to the ozone layer even in small amounts. Because of this, fines can be expensive for those who allow it to vent into the atmosphere. The lines that hold freon may be difficult or illegal to sell even if they appear to be functioning correctly.

Smaller parts of the refrigerator may also be worth scrapping. The thermostat on the inside of the unit, for example, can be scrapped and resold, although thermostat models differ widely between refrigerators. Refrigerators also contain scrap metal and wiring that are often worth removing before disposing of the unit. Copper in particular is worth removing if feasible, and is valuable even if the part that contains it cannot be sold. The motor in the compressor is worth disassembling as it might contain copper, as is any wiring in the refrigerator. Refrigerators built when copper was relatively cheap often hold more copper than newer models.

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