How Do You Reseed Your Lawn in the Fall?

Reseed your lawn in autumn by overseeding the yard with a high quality grass seed. This technique is more comprehensive than spot reseeding that is typically done only to thin or brown patches of grass. The entire lawn is cut shorter than you normally would during mowing and rake in a thin layer of new soil that is enriched with fertilizer. A layer of grass seed is then applied to the lawn.

Reseeding the lawn can be done at any time during the growing season but doing so in autumn allows you to take advantage of the warm soil and cooler air temperatures. Reseeding in autumn also allows the lawn time to become established before the following summer when the grass will be more in use.

Overseeding your lawn is done by cutting the grass lower than you typically do. Apply a thin layer of enriched soil and then a layer of grass seed that is optimized for your specific gardening zone and available sunlight. Add a fertilizer to the grass seed and rake the grass seed into the lawn. Keep the grass lightly moist until the grass seeds have taken root and the new grass has reached the same height as the established lawn.