How Do You Reseed a Lawn?

How Do You Reseed a Lawn?

How Do You Reseed a Lawn?

Reseed a lawn by dethatching the lawn to remove dead grass, planting the seed with a slit seeder, and fertilizing the lawn. Water the lawn to start the germination of the seed.

  1. Dethatch the lawn

    Use a power rake to remove any dead grass and clippings that have accumulated on the lawn. Removing these materials allows the seed to reach the soil where it receives the moisture and nutrients necessary to germinate.

  2. Seed with a slit seeder

    The slit seeder cuts small slits as it spreads the seed. Make the first pass covering the entire lawn. Run the machine around the lawn perimeter and across any areas missed during the first pass. Run the seeder at a 90-degree angle to the initial pass to ensure complete coverage of the lawn with new seed.

  3. Fertilize the lawn

    Apply the manufacturer's recommended amount of new lawn fertilizer to the lawn.

  4. Water the lawn

    Turn on the sprinkler to water the lawn as soon as possible after seeding. Continue to water until puddles begin to appear on top of the soil. Water regularly to ensure the first 4 to 6 inches of soil remain moist for the first six weeks after reseeding the grass. Avoid overwatering, but keep the soil moist.