How Do You Reroof Over Old Shingles?

How Do You Reroof Over Old Shingles?

To reroof over old shingles, cover the old shingles with roofing felt, prepare the new shingles, lay the cut shingles and lay the uncut shingles. You need roofing felt, chalk, a utility knife, shingles and nails.

  1. Inspect the roof for damage

    Before reroofing your home, inspect the roof for any damage that requires repair.

  2. Prepare the roof

    Layer roof felt over the old tiles to protect it from moisture. Hammer in a nail at every 6 inches of felt. Overlap the felt pieces as you lay them. After laying the felt, use chalk to mark the center of the roof.

  3. Prepare the new shingles

    Prepare the new shingles by cutting off the tabs using a utility knife.

  4. Lay the tiles

    Starting at the chalk line, start laying the tiles in a row. Hammer a nail into each corner of the tile to secure it to the roof.

  5. Prepare the uncut shingles

    Lay a tile with the tab still attached over the first row of tiles so that it slightly overlaps. Mark the top of the tile, and make a chalk line.

  6. Lay the uncut tiles

    Lay the uncut tiles along the chalk line. Place two nails in the top of the shingles and two nails in the tab. Repeat this process using alternating cut and uncut tiles until the roof is finished.