What Are the Requirements for an Electric Range Wiring Receptacle?


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A four-wire outlet is the required receptacle for wiring an electric stove in all new construction. Homes built prior to 1996 may have three-wire receptacles. Local electric codes and the appliance manual should always be reviewed prior to completing the electric hook-up.

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The four-wire receptacle has these markings on the back: GND for the green or bare wire, W for the white wire, and X and Y labeled wires. There is a junction box in the wall containing the four wires that connect to the receptacle. Prior to connecting the wires, a mud ring must be connected to the junction box to mount the outlet into the box. The wires are then connected to the stove receptacle based on color and tightened. The wire receptacle can be positioned vertically or horizontally, depending on the placement of the appliance in the room. Receptacles are usually installed after the drywall is installed and painted.

Plug receptacles are not used in built-in electric stoves, ovens or cook tops. These appliances must be hard-wired using a flexible conduit between the appliance and the junction box to meet code. To keep these junction boxes accessible, they are usually placed in a cupboard or behind a drawer.

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