What Are the Most Reputable Seed Companies?

What Are the Most Reputable Seed Companies?

Some of the most reputable seed companies are Johnny's Selected Seeds, Seed Savers Exchange and Renee's Garden. Other reputable seed companies include Botanical Interests and Territorial Seeds.

Mother Earth News rated Johnny's Selected Seeds as the best vegetable seed company in the country in its December 2011/January 2012 issue. Johnny's Selected Seeds is an employee-owned company that provides heirloom, organic and hybrid seeds. According to Mother Earth News, the Johnny's Selected Seeds catalog is detailed and informative and the crops grown from Johnny's seeds are unlikely to fail.

Seed Savers Exchange is a nonprofit organization that specializes in preserving unique heirloom seeds. This company provides vegetable, herb, flower and fruit seeds. Seed Savers Exchange was founded in 1975.

Renee's Garden is a company that is known for its large selection of flower seeds, especially annual flowers. This company also provides heirloom and gourmet vegetable and herb seeds. One popular item from Renee's Garden is the "combo pack," which contains seeds for three different kinds of the customer's choice of lettuce, peppers, squash or tomato.

Botanical Interests carries a wide variety of high-quality vegetable, flower and herb seeds. Seeds from this company are known to have the most informative seed packets of any on the market.

Each of these seed companies have committed to either selling only non-genetically modified seeds or to refuse to sell genetically modified seeds knowingly.