What Are Some Reputable Roof Cleaning Companies?

What Are Some Reputable Roof Cleaning Companies?

Squeegee Pro, All-Pro and Roof Shampoo are some reputable roof cleaning companies. Ugly Shingles is a fully licensed and insured cleaning company based in Howell, Michigan.

Squeegee Pro cleans roofs in Orange County, Los Angeles and San Bernardino. Since 1998, the company has been cleaning many types of roofs. It uses reclamation pumps to remove the water. Squeegee Pro prevents injury by requiring employees to use a fall suppression system. Customers can call Squeegee Pro to request professional roof cleaning services.

Since 2003, All-Pro has served thousands of clients in the New England area. The company cleans mold, algae and lichen from various types of roofs without changing the color of the roofing material. All-Pro is bonded, licensed and insured. The company offers unlimited warranty for three years.

Roof Shampoo offers eco-friendly roof cleaning services. The company uses products that are free of chlorine bleach or phosphates to clean asphalt and fiberglass shingles. The technicians at Roof Shampoo do not scrub or brush roofs. They use special equipments that deliver soft, low pressure water wash.

Ugly Shingles completely eradicates moss, algae and other types of bacteria. The company’s Soft-Wash System fully cleans roofs, preventing premature damage to the surface. The technicians at Ugly Shingles can clean tile and metal roofs. They have safely cleaned thousands of roofs. Ugly Shingles offers a five-year streak-free guarantee. The company also beats competitors’ written estimates.