How Do You Find Reputable Lamp Repair Shops in Your Area?

To find reputable lamp repair shops, inquire with local lamp stores and ask if they provide repairs. Another option includes using business listing sites that have reviews from customers.

For one of the easiest ways to find local repair shops, seek out a local lamp store. Retail lamp stores may provide repair services to offer convenience to their customers. These shops could include lamp stores that sell retail interior lighting or do custom work.

Check with sites such as Yelp and Angie's List that provide customer reviews. Look up lamp repair shops by using their search function, and enter a ZIP code. This not only finds the nearest lamp repair shops, but it also gives instant reviews from people that have used their services in the past. Angie's List also has lists of the top lamp repair shops in major cities, such as Chicago. These top lists rate the lamp repair shops based on customer reviews and ratings of different categories. It also lists repair shops to avoid due to poor reviews.

Yelp reviews often provide in-depth detail on customer experiences and come with photos of the repair work, whether good or bad. Sort them based on the most recommended reviews or the most recent.