How Do You Find Reputable Asphalt Repair Companies?


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Find reputable asphalt repair companies by checking local business review sites and researching the business with the highest ratings to find out company history, insurance and licensing status, and if they own their own equipment. Contact several companies for quotes to compare prices and determine the best option for your situation.

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Begin by checking local business review sites to find the companies that have the highest number of positive customer reviews, looking at multiple sites to gain as wide of a perspective as possible. Read through the most recent reviews to look for complaints about the quality of work or billing practices as well as positive feedback on employees or other areas. Compile a short list of the highest rated companies and begin looking over their websites, checking to make sure each company has the appropriate licensing and insurance coverage according to your city and state. The company should also own its own equipment, rather than rent it, as this shows a commitment to the business.

Contact the best companies and schedule a time to receive a quote for the asphalt paving job. Make sure to explain the full extent of the work you need done and ask for a detailed summary of the costs and expenses for the project. Compare the quotes from each company to see the differences in rates, material fees and estimated time to completion. The company should also respond quickly and courteously and be willing to work with you to achieve the best results.

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