How Do You Reprogram a Genie Intellicode Remote-Control Garage Door Opener?


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To program a Genie Intellicode garage door opener, press the "Learn Code" button near the remote control's antenna. After the LED light blinks twice, press the button again. The LED either stays lit or starts flashing, depending on the Genie garage door opener's model. Press the button again until the light turns off.

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Use the remote control within range of the garage door opener during reprogramming. Genie Intellicode garage door openers can support six remote controls and a wireless keypad or seven remotes with a built-in keypad. Installing a HomeLink system in a vehicle reduces the number of available slots for these wireless devices.

Test the remote control after reprogramming by pointing it toward the garage door. Make sure there are no people, pets or other obstructions near the garage door. Check the lock switch on the wall console if the door opener does not operate. If it is unlocked and the door still does not work, reset the memory and try the reprogramming steps again. To reset the memory and all previously programmed remote controls, press and hold the "Learn Code" button for 10-12 seconds or until the light goes out. This step is also required before reprogramming the numeric code on the system's wireless keypad.

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