How Do You Repot a Plant?

How Do You Repot a Plant?

To repot a plant, gently remove the plant from its pot, loosen the root ball, and place it in a pot one size bigger than the original that is halfway filled with potting soil. Add more soil to fill in around the roots. Press the soil down, and water well.

  1. Prepare the new pot

    Choose a pot one size bigger than the pot in which the plant is planted. Fill it about halfway with potting soil.

  2. Remove the plant from its original pot

    Transplant when the soil is damp, but not wet. Hold the plant gently, turn the pot over, and pull the pot off the root ball.

  3. Loosen the root system

    Gently pull the roots apart. Cut away root portions that appear diseased or damaged.

  4. Pot the plant in the larger pot

    Set the plant on the dirt in the new pot. Add more dirt, pushing the soil in around the roots. Fill until the dirt is at the same level on the stem as it was in the old pot.

  5. Tamp the dirt firmly

    Alternately push on the dirt and tap the bottom of the pot against the table to remove air pockets and fill holes in the root system with dirt.

  6. Water

    Add water to the pot until it seeps out the pot's drainage hole. If the soil settles significantly during watering, add a little more.