How Do You Repot an Orchid?


The orchid is gently removed from the old pot and the potting material by pulling away from the roots before it is placed in a slightly larger pot with fresh potting material. The potting material is prepared beforehand by soaking overnight in warm water.

Be sure to have all necessary materials, such as a knife and potting soil, to make the transition go smoothly.

  1. Prepare the potting material
  2. Place dry potting material in a bucket of warm water. Allow it to soak overnight. Rinse clean the next day to remove dust. Sphagnum moss is a excellent growing medium for orchids.
  3. Pull the orchid from the pot
  4. Slide the orchid out of its old pot. If the material is stuck in the pot, slide a knife around the inside of the pot to loosen it. Carefully pull the old potting material away from the orchid roots.
  5. Check the roots
  6. Examine the roots. They should be green and plump. Cut away any roots that are brown and soft. These are rotten roots and are not healthy for the plant.
  7. Place orchid in new pot
  8. Place the orchid in a new pot that is slightly larger than the old pot. Avoid placing the orchid in a pot that is too large because the plant will not grow properly. Use Styrofoam peanuts in the center of the pot to help place the plant at the previous height level as it was in the old pot. Fill out the rest of the pot with the prepared potting material.
  9. Tie up with support stick
  10. Press the potting material into place around the orchid to help support it. Place a support stick next to the orchid, if it is a tall, thin type requiring support. Tie the stem of the orchid to the support stick with cotton string.