What Are Some Reported Kenmore Dishwasher Problems?

Many Kenmore dishwasher models suffer control panel and upper rack adjustment arm breakages, states Consumer Reports. Some consumers report leaking pump problems within the first year of use. Additionally, drying plastic items with these machines takes long, and some Kenmore dishwashers use higher amounts of water and are loud.

Kenmore’s dishwasher control panels may stop functioning for no apparent reason, requiring users to reset the electronic panel daily to get the machine working. The inside plastic assembly wears out easily, even without any mechanical impacts from utensils. Consumers report the soap dispenser can clog easily, even without changing the soap products. Closing the dishwasher door may also become problematic after a short period.

The hose clamps used on Kenmore dishwashers loosen fast, leading to leaks. Additionally, a vent on the side of some dishwasher models releases steam, which may destroy wall painting. Although meant to remain rust-free, some users report that Kenmore’s stainless steel dishwashers begin to rust within a few months of use, even after replacement.

Kenmore dishwasher installation costs are high. A third party installs the dishwashers and may take a long time to address client problems. Similarly, customers report repair technicians that do not stick to the scheduled time. According to some consumers, Sears, Kenmore's owner, provides poor customer service and ignores dissatisfied customers.