How Do You Replant Bamboo?


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Replanting bamboo is a process that can be completed in a varying amount of time depending on the amount of bamboo that needs to be planted. To replant bamboo, you need a shovel, a garden hose and some fertilizer. The best time for replanting is when the bamboo is dormant, well before the next growing season.

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  1. Remove the bamboo from original location

    Use your shovel to dig deeply around the bamboo plant. Loosen the soil without striking the bamboo's root system. To remove the plant, lay it on its side and gently drag it away from the hole to avoid damage.

  2. Dig a hole at the new location

    Take the bamboo plant to the new location and dig a hole that is large enough to contain the entire root ball. If you are transplanting multiple plants, give them 3 to 5 feet of distance in between clumps.

  3. Put the bamboo in the hole

    Turn the bamboo upright and place it into the new hole. Fill this hole with your soil and fertilizer, and press down with the shovel so that the bamboo stays firmly in place.

  4. Water the new plant

    Water the plant generously as soon as it has been transplanted. After it has been transplanted, the bamboo generally requires about 1 inch of water per week.

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