What Are Replacement Parts for Swivel Chairs?

replacement-parts-swivel-chairs Credit: Gary Burchell/Taxi/Getty Images

Arms, arm pads, loop armrests, bases, casters, glides, footrest rings, gas lift cylinders, foot pedals and swivels are replacement parts for swivel chairs. Some of these parts, such as the glides, gas lift cylinders, casters and swivels move relative to other parts, causing them to undergo wear. These parts may require replacement as they wear.

Parts such as the arms, arm pads, armrests, bases and footrest rings do not move relative to other parts of the chair but may still deteriorate over time as a result of everyday use and aging. Parts that are particularly susceptible to damage, such as the casters, gliders and bases, can be replaced with heavy duty counterparts made out of metal instead of plastic. Using metal instead of plastic increases the longevity and durability of the chair. A common problem with swivel chairs is a faulty gas lift cylinder. This causes the chair to automatically sink when someone sits in it. The problem is solved by replacing the gas lift cylinder. To replace the gas lift cylinder, the bottom unit of the chair is removed, the gas lift cylinder is detached using a combination of screws, wrenches and hammers, and a new cylinder is put in.