How Do You Get Replacement Parts for a Nelson RainTrain?

Replacements parts for Nelson Rain Train traveling sprinklers are purchased directly from the manufacturer. As of 2015, place orders either by calling 800-635-7668 or by emailing Nelson accepts only Visa and MasterCard, according to

Nelson offers replacement parts for the Rain Train's front wheel assembly, rear wheel assembly, ramp, arm assembly and plastic motor assembly; this is the complete available line of parts. A customer who prefers to shop for replacement parts using an online ordering system finds the same selection of parts at prices comparable to the manufacturer's at The website accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover/Novus and PayPal payment options, and it offers the option for a customer to receive an email when an out-of-stock part is restocked and available for purchase.

To purchase Nelson Rain Train replacement parts in a store, visit Under the Nelson Rain Train category, select the tab for parts and then click the Find Stores button. Northern Tool and Equipment lists over 90 stores in 20 states. To find a local store that stocks replacement parts, enter your ZIP code. From the list of stores, locate one that shows the wrench icon. This icon indicates that the store carries replacement parts.