Where Are Replacement Parts for Miele Dishwashers Sold?

Miele dishwasher replacement parts can be purchased online through websites such as eBay, Dishwasher Repair Parts and Buy Spares. As of March 2015, eBay has listings for over 150 Miele dishwasher replacement parts, including dishwasher rack baskets, doors, motors, pumps and valves.

Prices for replacement Miele dishwasher parts on eBay can range from around $5 for a Miele dishwasher cutlery frame to over $400 for a Miele dishwasher control board.

The Dishwasher Repair Parts website stocks 13 different replacement parts for Miele dishwasher models. The parts inventory includes circulating pumps, silverware baskets, detergent doors and drain pumps. The replacement parts are priced between $3.90 for an upper rack roller and $83 for a complete upper rack. Dishwasher Repair Parts offers customers a 90 day warranty on all parts purchased through the website and a 30 day return policy from the day of purchase.

Buy Spares has a large inventory of over 900 Miel dishwasher replacement parts, including basket racks, filters, hoses, hinges and spray arms. The parts are organized by part type and Miele dishwasher model number. The least expensive Miele dishwasher parts sold on the website are the dishwasher drain houses that cost around $5. The most expensive items are the Miele dishwasher drain pumps, shock absorbers and filters, which can cost over $150.