What Are Some Replacement Parts for Culligan Water Softeners?

The valve, media tank, filter, covers and piston are some common replacement parts for Culligan water softeners. The replacement parts vary with the model of the softener. Culligan provides a list of the components for its water softeners in the product manuals.

Most Culligan water softeners contain two valves: the control and bypass valve. The control valve has a timer and is responsible for initiating the refill of the resin bed with a brine solution. Switching to the bypass valve disables the refill process. Over time, these two valves wear, causing problems in the softener.

The media tank houses the layer of filtration media, which removes solid contaminants from the water. Some Culligan water softeners use multi-layered filtration media and large tanks. Both the media tank and the resin require replacement at some point.

A filter at the top of the softener traps large particles and protects the brine injector from damage or clogging. Cleaning this part eliminates faults due to clogging, but the prolonged exposure to large particles wears its surface.

Although weather-resistant covers last long in outdoor installations, extreme weather conditions damage the covers in a short period.

A faulty brine piston causes leaks, undermining the efficiency of the softener. Replace the brine piston if it is jammed or damaged.