How Do You Find Replacement Parts for Backflow Plumbing?


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Find replacement parts for backflow prevention plumbing at local hardware stores as well as specialized online retailers such as Backflowparts.com and irrigation parts sales websites such as Sprinklerwarehouse.com. Each seller offers a variety of parts from multiple vendors to repair backflow prevention devices.

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Backflow prevention devices are designed to keep potable water safe and separate from gray and black wastewater generated in residential, commercial and industrial settings. When such a device fails, the potable water coming into a building may be contaminated, potentially causing sickness or death. The serious nature of these devices requires a qualified service technician for most repairs.

The most common form of defect to a backflow preventer comes from debris clogging the line. Reduced flow inhibits the operation of the device. Dramatic seasonal temperature variations in temperate regions and salinity from coastal areas also tax and damage systems over time.

A backflow prevention device guards against pressure fluctuations in the main water supply line to a building or area. If the water supply pressure drops significantly without a preventer in place, the resulting vacuum initiates a siphon effect, called backflow, that draws non-potable water into the supply pipe, thereby contaminating the system. Backflow prevention devices fall under one of eight basic designs that utilize hydraulic and automatic mechanical operation.

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