What Replacement Parts Are Available for a Shark Vacuum?

Shark sells replacement foam filters, HEPA filters, hoses, nozzles and extensions for its vacuum cleaners. The company sells replacement parts online or via Shark's telephone customer service. Accessories and attachments are also available through these sources.

Shark offers a five-year warranty on all of its vacuums. A vacuum that fails during this period is fully covered against defects, so long as it is used under normal household conditions. Vacuum cleaners under warranty should be sent to Shark for repair or replacement. Ordering parts is not necessary in these cases.

Shark vacuum cleaners are a top pick from Good Housekeeping. The magazine cites their versatility at cleaning both carpet and hard floors, ability to remove embedded dirt, quiet operation, ease of use and washable filter as the top reasons to purchase a Shark vacuum. The primary drawback cited in this review is the weight of the vacuum. At 16 pounds, some consumers find it uncomfortably heavy compared to similar models from other manufacturers.

VacuumJudge rates Shark's Professional line of vacuum cleaners as comparable to commercial-grade models, and the Shark Navigator maintains a 4.5 rating over more than 3,200 reviews on Amazon.com. Amazon.com also carries a full line of Shark replacement parts.