What Replacement Parts Are Available for Capresso Coffee Makers?

Replacement carafes and filters for Capresso coffee makers are available from Capresso.com. Replacement water tanks, fluid connectors and drainage valves are available from SaecoParts.com, as of 2016. SaecoParts.com stocks replacement parts for various models, including the Jura Capresso E Series, GIGA and ENA machines. Capresso.com also stocks accessories such as milk frothing pitchers, iced tea pitchers, charcoal water filters and travel mugs.

Capresso.com stocks both glass and thermal carafes in various capacities. The smaller carafes hold five cups, while the larger ones hold 10 cups. Various models of GoldTone filters are also available from Capresso.com.

To view available parts on SaecoParts.com, click on the appropriate model from the range of Jura Capresso machines. SaecoParts.com carries waste coffee boxes, milk frothers, drip trays and replacement lids for E Series machines. It stocks parts including temperature sensors, grinder keys, power switches and valve kits for the Jura Capresso GIGA Series. SaecoParts.com stocks replacement parts for eight series of Capresso machines in total.

The manual for the Jura Capresso ENA 3, 4 and 5 machines is available to download from SaecoParts.com. The manual includes diagrams of the machine where each part is labeled, along with a troubleshooting section that explains how to solve common issues with the machines.