How Do You Get a Replacement Key for a Master Lock?

To get a replacement key for a Master Lock, contact a locksmith or hardware store and give them the key number so they may order a replacement from Master Lock. The key number is stamped on the original key, Master Lock needs to know it to provide a replacement. If the key number is lost, take the lock to a locksmith and ask them to create an impression of the lock.

Master Lock offers an online key number storage service at The service allows users to securely store up to five key number and lock combinations, where they are accessible on any day, at any time.

Along with traditional keyed padlocks, Master Lock manufactures combination padlocks, eLocks and electronic door locks. Dial padlocks and word combination locks are among the range of combination locks, which include models with various shackle lengths.

Bluetooth padlocks, such as the 4401DLH, work with smartphones that run the eLocks app. Users can share access to the lock with others, and restrict the times of day access is granted if they wish. Users also receive an access history and tamper alerts through the app. The 4401DLH's shackle is constructed from boron alloy, making it harder to cut through.