How Do You Get Replacement Cuisinart Lids?


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Replacement Cuisinart lids are found at the official Cuisinart website, the Cuisinart Webstore, authorized independent retailers for Cuisinart as well as Amazon.com. Enter the model number of the product that needs a replacement lid in the search box on the Cuisinart and Cuisinart Webstore websites to find the part. Type the search query "Cuisinart lid" in the search box on Amazon.com to find replacement lids there.

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The Cuisinart website offers replacement lids for deep fryers, coffee bean mills and other small appliances. Type "lid" in the search box and select Parts from the drop-down menu to find a large list of replacement Cuisinart lids for various models. The site also offers a number of additional parts, such as attachments, bowls and carafes.

Cuisinart Webstore is an online shop offering Cuisinart products, parts and accessories, though the shop operates independently from the brand. It's owned and operated by BrandShop, an authorized retailer for a notable brands such as Coca-Cola, Hershey's and Powerade.

Amazon.com offers a variety of replacement lids for carafes from Cuisinart coffee makers and bowls for the brand's food choppers. The site also features lids for rice cookers, pots and pans. Some of the lids sold on Amazon.com are retailed by third-party sellers through Amazon.com.

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