How Do You Replace a Window Switch?

How Do You Replace a Window Switch?

In order to replace a window switch, an individual must have the proper replacement switch, be able to safely remove the bezel and rockers and install the switch according to the vehicle's manual or instructions included with the new switch. Replacing a new switch only requires a flat head screwdriver, a piece of tape for marking and a few minutes to complete.

The simple steps listed below explain how to replace a window switch.

  1. Purchase the correct switch
  2. The parts number for the window switch is located in the vehicle's manual, but a local auto store has access to the correct part numbers if the manual is not available.

  3. Remove the bezel
  4. Use a flat head screwdriver to pry up and loosen the bezel containing the switch. Once the bezel loosens, locate the tabs that hold it into place. Press down on the locking tabs to release the bezel.

  5. Remove the switch
  6. Locate the tabs that hold the switch to the bezel and use the screwdriver to apply pressure for release. Once the switch is removed from the bezel, disconnect the wire harness by removing the rockers. Make note of which direction the switch is installed and place a piece of tape to mark the front to make installing the new switch easier.

  7. Install the new switch
  8. Install the rockers to the new switch using the marking tape as a guide for direction. Remove the tape and connect the new switch back to the wiring harness and then to the bezel. Make sure the new switch snaps into place and then replace the bezel and test the rockers to ensure the switch was installed properly.