How Do You Replace a Window Screen?


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To replace a window screen, take the screen and frame from the window, take the screen off of the frame, cut the new screen and attach it to the frame. Carefully put the frame back in the window.

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How Do You Replace a Window Screen?
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Window screens are quick, easy and cheap to replace at home. The project involves minimal supplies and takes under an hour to complete. To replace a broken window screen, run through the following steps.

  1. Remove the frame from the window
  2. To replace the screen, take the entire screen frame out of the window. Some screen frames simply sit in the window, but some use clips to hold them in place.

  3. Remove the spline and screen
  4. The spline is the rubber cord around the edge of the screen that adds stability to the screen and attaches it to the frame. To remove the spline and screen from the frame, simply pry the spline away from the frame with a screwdriver.

  5. Cut the new screen
  6. Lay out the new screen material over the frame. Cut the screen to fit the outer dimensions of the frame with a pair of scissors. Cut small squares out of the corners to make the screen material fit into the frame.

  7. Attach the new screen
  8. Working one side at a time, use a screen tool to insert the spline into the frame then use a spline tool to roll the screen into the spline. Push the corners into the frame to finish the screen.

  9. Replace the frame
  10. Place the frame back into the window.

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