How Do You Replace a Window Pane?


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To replace a window pane, remove the old window pane and old putty, apply a thin layer of new putty around the window frame, and insert the new window pane. Seal the frame with putty, and smooth the putty with a putty knife.

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  1. Remove the old window pane and putty

    Protect your hands with work gloves, and pull off the old pane from the window. Use a putty knife to scrape off all the old putty from the window frame, and remove the glazier's points. For hard putty, soften it with a heat gun before removal.

  2. Apply the putty

    If the window is old, apply a thick coat of linseed oil around the frame with a paint brush, and let the oil soak in to enhance the lifespan of the putty. Apply a thin layer of new putty on the frame to buffer the frame and the window pane.

  3. Install the new window pane

    Cut the new window pane to the size of the old pane with a glass cutter and insert the pane into the frame. Press the pane against the putty, hold the pane in place with your hand, and secure the pane with glazier's points. Apply a strip of putty around the window pane, and smooth the putty with a putty knife. Paint the putty with at least two coats of exterior paint, and use a razor blade scraper to remove the excess paint from the window.

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