How Do You Replace a Whirlpool Temperature Sensor?


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Disassemble your Whirlpool oven properly to reach the temperature sensor, and remove it by using a screwdriver and your hands to disconnect the wiring. Once removed, note the model, purchase a new sensor from an appliance store, and place your new sensor in the same position as the old one.

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When removing the sensor for your oven, you must first unplug and remove the oven from its position so you can easily reach the back of the appliance. Remove the rear panel of the appliance using an appropriate nut driver. This exposes the temperature sensor, which is located near the broiler attachment. Once you have removed the temperature sensor and replaced it with a new sensor, place the oven back replace the back panel, place the oven back in its original position, and lock the oven back, and before plugging the oven back in.

Before replacing an oven sensor, steps can be taken to diagnose whether your oven sensor is bad. Using a multimeter, you check the correct voltage of the connectors by attaching the multimeter to the H1 and L1, and then H2 and L2 slots, in that order, while checking room temperature and an oven temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit. If the readings do not indicate about 1100 ohms and 1650 ohms, respectively, then the oven sensor is bad and must be replaced.

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