How Do You Replace the Water Inlet Valve on a KitchenAid Superba Refrigerator?


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To replace a KitchenAid Superba refrigerator's water inlet valve, turn off the water supply, unscrew the back panel and access panel, unscrew the valve, and then put the new valve in place. Ensure the new valve is compatible with the refrigerator before starting.

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Start by purchasing a new water inlet valve from a hardware store or the KitchenAid parts store, and unplug the refrigerator after turning the switch inside to the off position. Pull the appliance away from the wall, and follow the water supply hose from the wall to the inlet valve. Turn the water supply valve to the off position before unfastening the screw that secures the back panel in place. Remove both the back panel and the access panel, and carefully remove the water hose from the valve.

Unfasten the flare nut on the valve's bracket to remove the device. Take the wires from the terminal, noting the connections. If you aren't sure whether the inlet valve is faulty, connect a multitester set to RX1 ohms to the terminal. A good valve should provide a reading of 200 to 500 ohms. Re-install the valve or place a new one in the refrigerator, and screw it in place. After reconnecting the wires and water hose, replace the panels, turn the water supply back on, and test the ice maker.

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