How Do You Replace the Walls of an Above-Ground Pool?


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The walls of an above-ground pool can be replaced by purchasing a replacement pool wall from the manufacturer, replacing the pool and wall liner or buying and installing a new wall and frame kit integrated with the existing pool. Replacement walls must be the exact overall length; different brands and pool models vary drastically in size. In the case of extreme rust or damage, a new wall and frame kit may be a more beneficial solution, suggest PoolsAboveGround.com.

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Before undertaking a pool wall replacement project, examine the extent of the damage. All aboveground pools eventually succumb to the deterioration of their walls due to metal corrosion caused by water, outdoor elements or chemicals. Removing the pool liner and determining the shape of the walls is critical to establishing whether the walls are salvageable or in need of replacing.

By using a scraper, pool owners can remove the corrosion and then poke at it with a screwdriver or pick. If the metal is surface rust, it can be scraped away and repainted with an outdoor, rust-preventing spray paint. If the damage is more extensive, a replacement wall kit is needed.

In order to obtain a replacement wall kit, acquire the measurements needed and order one from the manufacturer or from websites such as InyoPools.com.

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