How Do You Replace a Toilet Seat?

How Do You Replace a Toilet Seat?

To replace a toilet seat, remove the old seat by unscrewing the nuts that hold the bolts in position at the back of the seat. Then insert the bolts of the new seat through the holes, screw on the new nuts, and press the bolt covers into position.

  1. Remove the old toilet seat

    Pry open the hinged covers that are on top of the bolts at the rear of the toilet bowl with a flat-head screwdriver. Hold the top of each bolt while unscrewing the nut underneath the rim. Remove the nuts, and pull the seat straight up to remove the bolts from the holes. Set the seat aside.

  2. Set the new seat into place

    Place the new seat on the rim of the toilet with the bolts pushed straight down through the holes at the rear of the bowl. Make sure that your new seat is the correct shape. A round seat is needed for a round bowl, whereas an oval seat is needed for an elongated bowl.

  3. Attach the nuts

    Firmly hold the head of each bolt while loosely tightening the nuts underneath the toilet rim. Straighten the seat, and then firmly screw each nut into position.

  4. Press the bolt covers into place

    Push each hinged bolt cover over the top of the associated bolt until it snaps into place.