How Do You Replace a Toilet Flange?


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Replace a toilet flange by removing the toilet, the remains of the wax seal and the old flange. Install the replacement flange according to the manufacturer’s instructions, add a new wax ring and reset the toilet. In some instances, installing a repair flange is a better option.

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Remove the toilet by turning off the water supply, flushing the toilet to empty the tank, and disconnecting the water supply line. Remove the nuts from the closet bolts and lift the toilet out of the way. Use a putty knife to remove any remains of the old wax ring.

Determine the best approach to removing the existing flange. Use a cold chisel to break away a cast iron flange, but avoid breaking the drain pipe. For a polyvinyl chloride flange, use a rotary cutting tool to cut the pipe just below the existing flange or use plumbing solvent to dissolve the glue joint.

Insert the new flange into the drain. Make sure the flange is level with the floor and bolt it into place. Install new closet bolts into the flange and place a new wax ring in place. Align the toilet with the closet bolts and set it in place. Apply pressure to spread the wax ring and install new nuts on the closet bolts. Tighten the bolts, connect the water supply and turn on the water. Check for leaks.

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