How Do You Replace a Table Saw Motor?


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To replace a table saw motor, first ensure the saw is off and unplugged from any outlets. Open the saw guard to expose the blade and locate a plate under the blade that is screwed into the table. Remove the screws and pry up the plate. Use the bevel lever to lift the saw blade into the "up" position. Use wrenches on the open ends of the blade at the axle and the nut to remove the nut.

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Once the nut is off, remove the blade using work or safety gloves to avoid the sharp edges of the blade. Under the table saw, locate the motor on the side of the blade well. At the rear of the motor, disconnect the power cord and move it to a safe location. Each corner flange of the motor has a bolt securing it to the table saw. Use a wrench to remove the bolts, but ensure the motor is supported as the bolts loosen.

Pull out the old motor and set it aside. Install a new motor with the same voltage and horsepower, lining the flange holes up to the holes in the frame. Secure the new motor with the bolts and connect the power cord. Carefully replace the saw and the plate, then test the motor.

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